Sunday, October 3, 2010

Up, up and away

Immense lethargy. Also nagging headache since last couple of days. Piles of pending work that I don't even want to think about much less look at. Irritable. Shopping incomplete and for once urgently needed. Heaps of clothes scattered everywhere. Sure to forget something. Can't bear nitty-gritties right now. Everybody fussing over me. Not always pleasant. Want to speed things up and get on that plane. Want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. I miss home and I haven't even left it yet. Schizophrenic.

Off to London.


  1. Interesting read! I can understand the way you were feeling while writing the post because I have been though such situations too. You have penned down your emotions beautifully in such a few words :)

    Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post - When love calls

    Take care :)

  2. Thanks Romeo...nice to know you could identify with it.

    And yes, I enjoyed reading your post too. :)