Friday, October 9, 2009

Zinger, this one's for you!

I think I may be addicted to KFC.

I'm serious. I just love the place. Their Zinger Burger is right up there on my list of soul food. I have been told that I get this freaky, blissed out look on my face as I munch my way through a Zinger.

I don't know what they put into their fried chicken but the Colonel had it right. To think that a piece of fried chicken with a dab of mayo and a piece of lettuce trapped between the bread could be this delicious! The chicken doesn't even have enough masalas or gravy that justify 'taste' for us Indians. Add a slice of cheese and my day is made.

I had a Supercharged Zinger burger when I had gone to Cape Town (told you I'm addicted to it). It's a much spicier version of our humble Zinger. The fries that I got there were also awesome - soft, not looking as though the life had been deepfried out of them and dusted with chilli-salt which was provided in a separate packet. I don't know why our local KFC doesn't introduce these. Sure to be a hit with a populace that has grown up with spicy food.

I have had other items from KFC as well but really nothing compares to what I feel for the Zinger. By the way, I don't understand people who order one of those rice meals. I mean, can we go without rice for one meal at least?! And if you want to have rice, then why come to a chicken and burger joint?

KFC has launched a new set of drinks recently. I had the Sparkling crusher and the Strawberry one and both were very good. The Sparkling one was like a non-alcoholic Mojito while the Strawberry one was like a smoothie and had chunks of strawberry. In terms of burgers however, I think they could introduce a few more items - the options seem a bit limited to me.

All said and done, KFC truly IS 'finger-lickin good'! :)


  1. i loved KFC the couple of times I went there. Found the Bandra one a bit unkempt though. U should have seen the queue outside the KFC counter at the mall in Dubai that we went to.

    We've met folks from pakistan during our travels who like KFC because they are sure about the chciken part at least

  2. @The knife: Like I said, the Colonel had his 'secret recipe' right! :) Its sad the Bandra KFC is unkempt because one of the things that also appeals to me about KFC is its spacious, cheery least the one on Park Street.

  3. try BROASTERS at Mani Square...its cheaper and better....u see we indians are price sensitive toooo..he he

  4. Man, Broasters chicken is a dump . Bloody fake copy of the legendary KFC. And if you are worried about the price then Siddhartha i suggest you go to a local chowmien shop it will serve you good.